Though You Slay Me

Three years ago, I apprehensively went through rush as a completely confused and overwhelmed freshman.
This past week, I had the opportunity to walk alongside a group of 18 precious girls going through that same process feeling the very same way.
My perspective on the process of rush changes frequently.
So much good has come from it in my own life,
but I also am aware it has been a source of tremendous pain for a lot of women.

This world can easily make us feel unloved and unwanted,
when Christ came to prove to us just the opposite.
It is easy to doubt His goodness and faithfulness when life seems to be screaming that He is anything but.
While I cannot fathom the complexity of His sovereignty,
I know he invites us to remember His goodness in our lives historically.
He beckons us to return to Him,
to know Him in our suffering,
to praise Him though He slays us,
though He takes from us,
though He ruins us.
Still, we must worship, we must praise the One Who is all we need.

So whether you a freshman girl who just went through the recruitment process,
or you have no idea what in the world “rush” even means,
that Truth remains true for you today.
The Lord wants you to know that ‘every tear is worth it all,’
regardless of your circumstances, He is worthy of your worship.
He surpasses every need we have and
He is greater than our pain.


A dear friend and mentor of mine, Lauren Barry,
just released a song proclaiming this very Truth at such an opportune time.
You may have to copy & paste the link above into your web browser to listen.
{Worth it.}
She has the voice of an angel.
You can find out just how cool she truly is here: