Long Days & Short Years

dayslongIt was zero dark thirty.
I was tired, caffeine deprived, in a skirt suit,
on a cold Monday morning, greeting seasoned professionals twice my age.
Let’s just take a moment to acknowledge what a recipe for disaster that is.

While I was busy lamenting the week ahead and my two unwritten papers,
my eyes began to scan the conference room I was standing in.
The last thing I expected to find was a change of heart.

A quote by Gretchen Rubin caught my attention:
“The days are long, but the years are short.”

In my half awake state, this made little to no sense,
but the words kept coming back to mind throughout the day,
and soon enough it all began to sink in.

The seemingly endless days of college,
complete with exams, papers, meetings, internships, jobs, functions, friends, interviews, and so much more, are no doubt long.
However, the years they add up to are short.
As we fly from one commitment to another, so too do the days quickly turn into years.

Living in the present is not something that comes easily for me,
but this Monday morning reminder beckoned my heart back to the here and the now.
Because today is where memories are made, joy is experienced, grace is given, and love is poured out.
I want to look back, long days and short years alike, and know that I lived this one life well.

Maybe amidst motherhood, a new job, college, marriage, or any other stage of life and the craziness that accompanies it, you too needed to be reminded that life is but a breath.
Yet, every moment of every day we are invited to seek and find the freedom of the Lord.
I’m learning that this is where the full life is found.

“What is your life? For you are a mist that appears for a little time and then vanishes.”
James 4:14