One Easy Step To Finding Your Perfect Match


Have you been praying for and dreaming of your perfect match,
one that was “made in heaven” nonetheless?
Let’s be real. 99.9% of us have thought about it…today.
Well here’s how you go about finding your perfect companion:

1. Accept that he or she does not exist.

I promise I am not a cynic, who loathes Valentine’s Day, and has recently endured a broken heart.
I am, however, convinced that I was strongly disillusioned in what a Christ centered relationship & marriage is intended to look like.

In my mind, and maybe yours, I hoped for that guy who was my recommended match on the Myers Brigg type assessment, shared at least 50 of the same bucket list items, and somehow maintained a rugged manliness while loving all of my favorite chick-flicks.
See what I mean? Disillusioned.

Even more practically, I expected my ‘match’ to understand the way that I am wired,
to effortlessly know how to comfort and guide me,
and to know me better than I know myself.
That’s when I have found the perfect one, right?

Here’s what I have come to realize:
Your perfect match is the person who doesn’t understand you when you cry for no reason, cannot grasp why you do the things you do, and doesn’t fully comprehend the things you struggle with.
Yet, he or she stays committed to you through it all.
They don’t have to come from the same type of family
or agree with the name you’ve picked out for your firstborn.
But they must choose to love you.

Christ in us is the only glue that will hold a relationship together,
because He is the source of grace by which you forgive the one who has hurt you.
He instills the compassion you give regardless of whether you fully understand.
He grants the patience & perseverance you have when the world tells you to give up.
Most of all, He teaches you to love as He does.

Your perfect match is the man or woman who is so rooted in Christ’s love and committed to you that when they see the darkest of your sins, they speak Truth over you,
and walk beside you through the redemption process.

The only “perfect” thing about two sinners learning to love one another day in and day out is  Christ at the center of it all.

“So we do not lose heart. Though our outer self is wasting away,
our inner self is being renewed day by day.”
2 Corinthians 4:16