What I Worship

What do you think of when you hear the word [Worship]?
Singing songs on a Sunday morning in church…
or something more, something deeper?

I’m currently reading Matt Chandler’s new book Explicit Gospel
and I could not recommend it more.

One part struck such a chord with me though that I had to share:

Chandler talks about the reality that every human being ever created was made for worship.
We naturally desire to and are wired for worship.

Not just while singing songs on Sunday morning,
But in the way we live our life,
every action is worshipful.

However, as I reflect on my own life, the grim reality I am faced with is that
the object of my praise is often misplaced.

In essence, as Chandler puts it,
I “terminate [my] worship on the stuff God made.”

This may seem like a simple idea
and maybe I am just preaching to the choir
or maybe someone else needs to hear:

We are not created to worship…
another human being,
 our bodies,
possessions or fame,
an image on a computer screen,
a bottle of alcohol,
a career,
or the American dream.

The God of creation alone is worthy of our praise and adoration.

I take from God that which is His
every time I give praise to anything other than Him.

The beauty of this is that God is just in demanding all glory and praise.
There is no one greater for us to worship,
and all misplaced honor will only lead to our destruction.

May we repent of idolatry and cling to the cross of Christ.