When Joy is Stolen

Theodore Roosevelt once said,
“Comparison is the thief of joy.” 

These are some of the wisest words to have ever been penned, in my opinion,
and they particularly struck a cord with me after my first week back at Samford.

College is such an easy time in life to compare yourself to one of the thousands of well rounded, driven, talented, beautiful people who happen to live and learn in the very same location as you.

In fact, I spent the better part of this week doing so & came to this conclusion:
Comparison will drain, defeat, & deplete people.

I will never be the prettiest, smartest, most successful, or most spiritual person in my own eyes & neither will you.
There will always be someone who one ups us in these areas,
but hear me say:
That is perfectly alright.

God is a creative God who designed no two people alike, granting each individual with their own talents, spiritual gifts, & physical attributes,
and to strive to be anything other than precisely who He crafted you to be is to tell the creator of the Universe that you know better.

Isaiah 49:16 says that the Lord has written your name on the palm of His hand.
You, in all your flaws, quirks, & oddities.
You are loved, valued, & cherished.

The only person whom we must be transformed to be more like is Jesus Christ,
and there is so much grace in that process.

I suppose my challenge to you today is the very same that I presented myself with this week:
Flee from the temptation of comparison
and embrace unending joy
found in the security of your identity in Christ.