The Reverberation of Grace

Lately, I have been overwhelmed by
the truly immeasurable amount of grace
that was poured out over all of humanity as Christ hung on the cross.
God’s grace is so vast that it continues to reverberate, to echo throughout the world today.

Consider this:
Have you ever had someone confess an area of sin in their life to you?
Your response is so pivotal, because if you show them steadfast & unconditional love & grace,
the cross is lifted higher in your response.
However, if you spew out condemnation and retribution,
immediately the other person shuts down and retreats.

The reverberation of grace occurs the moment that you choose to
envelop people in love & unmerited favor right as they expect to be judged and punished.

We show grace only because we know grace.
Apart from Christ having lavished this upon us,
this would be a foreign concept to us because it is completely against our human nature.
The legacy of the cross is lived out in our lives as Christ in us allows grace to prevail over condemnation or hate.

May our lives forever reverberate the grace of God.

1 Corinthians 15:10
“By the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace to me was not without effect…”
Grace changes things.



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